An old adage tells us not to judge a book by its cover. We say why not!

This is especially true for all your photo albums. Once you open a photo album created by our team at Photo Orange, all the pictures within will come together to weave a beautiful story. Let your story commence from the cover itself, and a smartly designed crystal album is the right way of going about the act.

These crystal albums are the result of a rapidly evolving Photo Book Printing industry that’s always new and exciting to its customers. Some of the features that you may enjoy with our crystal albums are:

A flat dual opening: Open the album either way and enter a beautiful world that is created by your own pictures.

A box and leather cover pad with foil covering: The cover pad offers a protective environment to the album, while the integrated text allows you to go a step further and personalize the album even more.

There are two sizes that you can choose from the catalogue defined by our experienced Photo Album Maker team:

  • 12” X 18”
  • 18” X 18”

Both these sizes promise to accommodate most of your pictures and can be viewed easily. We offer different paper options too. Choose the one that would enhance your pictures in the best possible way. These include:

  • Supreme silk
  • Natural
  • NT
  • Gloss
  • Matt

Our crystal albums are specially designed to offer a different look and feel to your pictures, thus elevating their beauty. Very unique and capable of attracting attention in every conceivable way, these products make your photo albums rich heirlooms in themselves. So, just go ahead and order any Photo Book Online to create a beautiful piece of art work in the form of a crystal album –you will be pleased with the enchanting results!