How about turning your Photo Album into an attractive Piece of Rhythmic Art? We at Photo Orange do just that and go a long way in transforming your fond memories and beautiful captures into something more unique and innovative, all with the help of our durable, easy-to-store and attractive looking Step Album.

Complete with an acrylic cover pad and good looking hard top box, our step albums are available in a standard size of 12”X 18.” There are numerous paper options to choose from and you may like to freeze your choice on the material that best catches your attention, and promises to add more value to your pictures. The popular choices of paper in our ever increasing catalogue include:

  • Ultra
  • Gloss/Matt
  • Feather
  • Touch

While creating your Step Album, the experienced and very talented members of our team of designers strive to create more value in each page. From arranging pictures the right way, to building the book to attract greater attention, creating a smartly-crafted cover and ensuring a strong binding –they do it all. Simply share your vision and pictures with us and allow us to create something unique and special for your needs—in an easy and affordable way.

You may like to get started on the act by choosing the paper for our standard sized Step Albums in India. We offer many background choices to match the occasion. Thereafter, we would like you to share the sequence of picture narrations that you have in mind and the ways in which you would like your album to unfold while viewing. With the size, cover pad and all other options in place, we begin the task of designing your step album to perfection. Our benchmarked tools and designing techniques are placed far ahead of all competition and promise to yield great results—so as to make your memories all the more unique and fulfilling!

So, get ready to customize your step photo book and say “hello” to some very charming moments—today!