We believe your PhotoBook is a work of art, which will be treasured for years to come. That’s why we take great pride in creating excellent quality products and manufacture PhotoBooks with the highest possible quality standards.


We use advanced binding techniques that provide exceptional strength and durability. Our hard cover photobooks are individually bound by automatic binding machines. Photo Orange is the only brand which provides binding up to 120 to 130 pages (60 - 65 sheets)!


Using archival quality acid free paper, we ensure that each page in your photobook lasts a lifetime. Photo Orange uses 210 gsm thick papers designed for optimal output on our digital presses. Unlike ordinary prints, this paper will sustain the colors of your photos and stand the test of time.


Photo Orange utilizes the latest in digital printing technologies. Our HP Indigo press 3500 uses liquid ink called Electroink that enables high resolution, uniform gloss, sharp image edges, and very thin image layers resulting in photos with a highly uniform finish. All prints are color managed to preserve the natural colors of your photographs.

With our website, Desktop Software and our app, we want you to have the best online experience possible when it comes to Printing.

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