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Vinay Panjwani Interview

Vinay Panjwani, a well known name in the Indian continent, is famous for his brilliant photography skills. Having an exceptional flair for documentary and editorial photography, he has achieved some outstanding feats like being honoured by CNN-IBN, National Press Photographers Association (NPPA-USA), Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India and more such eminent bodies. His works have been exhibited around the world.
Over the weekend, we had an opportunity to strike a conversation with the talented Vinay Panjwani about his life, photography and events.

vijay Panjwani

How did you get into Photography?

My photography venture was a fateful accident which began when I bought a single lens reflex (SLR) camera for family shoots. Soon enough I was shooting travel images and no later, I was winning awards for my work. All that recognition in the initial year made me get more serious to about my approach towards photography.

Which is your Favourite Lens & Camera Body?

It all differs according to the type of shoot. For street shoots, I prefer a camera with the lightest body accompanied by one mid zoom lens. I do not like to carry multiple lenses and bodies for personal work as at those moments it’s better to stay unnoticed.

Who is your idol in Photography and why?

Raghu Rai! He has been my mentor and my biggest inspiration in photography and life. He was the major reason why I changed my approach towards photography. I feel blessed to have learnt this art under his guidance.

When you’re working on wedding photography assignments, what parts do you take care of the most?

I believe it is very important for the client to understand our style of photography. I try to not change my style just to make that extra buck and deliver sub standard work.

When you go outdoors for travel photography, what all do you carry along?

My energy, passion and the lightest camera possible.

How do you go about continuously improvising your ways to take better pictures in every assignment?

For professional work, the brief given by client is the most important factor to keep in mind. It is extremely essential to delivering what the client wants even if that requires working a bit more just to make sure he/she is happy. Also, I plan my shoot style based on the place and light.

Which is your favourite Wedding Photography Assignment till date?

It is undoubtedly the royal wedding I got to shoot in Jaipur. It was like going back in time. I had an amazing experience.

What makes wedding pictures taken by you different from others’?

Weddings to me are about capturing many people in one frame doing different things. That’s the way it is actually – a flow of lot of energies which are syncing together. It’s not just about out of focus portraits for me.

Which is your dream photography assignment?

Each new assignment is my dream assignment.

Do you have any suggestion for wedding photographers in India?

I still believe in capturing moments that feel larger than life. Beautified images are not all that go into wedding albums. It’s about creating magic in chaos. I believe it’s a great responsibility to capture such a special occasion. And even though beautiful portraits are an essential element in weddings, it’s not it. Weddings are about a visual story being told by a great observer. You can’t achieve it if you aren’t one.

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