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Wedding Photographers: How to Thrive During Lockdown Scenarios

What can a judge do when the boy and girl agree? A lot, if the judge is a corona virus.

Wedding plans for 2021 have been hamstrung for many brides, grooms, and families due to COVID-19. They are not, however, alone. Wedding planners, hall owners, priests, caterers, and photographers are also frantically reinventing their craft to keep the show running.

With social distancing rules in place and the government limitations on wedding gatherings to no more than 50 people, these wedding planners are now facing a significant drop in revenue.

Everything I’ve said thus far, you’ve probably already known or sensed. But I do like to share some possibilities in these difficult times.

Here is a treasure trove to empower you during the Lockdown period.

How Can A Wedding Photographer Navigate The Covid-19 World?

The world has faced and overcomes far worse. Our grandparents were given guns and sent to terrible wars, where they died from bullets, gas, and pandemics far worse than the one we face today. So we should be encouraged that the storm will pass, and we will survive and recover.

So, what can we do now as we watch the crisis unfold from the comfort of our own homes?

The wedding album designer industry was already ruthless. Outsiders see it as all about art and expression, but those who own their businesses see it differently. It’s all about marketing, SEO, social media, accounting, and sales – and doing them better than our competitors.

And now we have to deal with the loss of our clientele. And the agonizing unknowing: when will it all be over? The good news is that people will always be bound to marry. Love is a constant, regardless of the era or the problems we face. And people will always want to have their pictures taken. Our industry isn’t recession-proof, but it’s getting there.

But times have changed, and we must adapt to them. Therefore, we must be agile in our processes and adaptable in dealing with the coming months and years to survive the present and thrive when things improve.

Here Are 7 Ideas For Wedding Photographer To Navigate the Covid-19 World

Getting a second job or another source of income is not a sign of failure; on the contrary, it can be a wise strategy, especially in the short term.

You can reduce your stress in the current climate by looking for alternative funding sources. This is a fantastic idea not only for wedding album designers but for anyone just starting in this industry. In many cases, it is easier said than done, but it is worth investigating.

Here are the quick ideas to make money during a lockdown:

1. Pitch Accessories Brands For Still Life Photography

Pitch accessories brands for still life photography if you want to shoot many still lifes in your wedding photography business. Even if you don’t have any clients nearby, you can still complete life photography. Contact brands and prepare images to shoot their accessories in a styled setting in your home.

2. Invest In Your Business

Right now, nothing could be more beneficial than furthering your photography skills and digital marketing abilities. So train yourself with essential aspects of digital marketing that every wedding photographer should be aware of.

After you’ve digested those lessons, you’ll be able to perform an SEO makeover on your website, automate your social posting, and much more. Aside from that, You have several options, including Skillshare, PetaPixel tutorials, and Udemy, to improve your skills.

3. Photograph More Small Businesses and Local Entrepreneurs

As more and more businesses move to digital platforms and selling their products or services online, there’s never been a better time to be a photographer and offer up your benefits. You can also consider the niches mentioned below:

  • Stock Photography

While we’re on the subject of shooting subjects that aren’t often photographed, finding a niche in stock photography is a way to earn some extra money on the side.

  • Food photography

Food photography can be done with even the most basic photography equipment, and there is never a shortage of restaurants to photograph. Check out the websites of restaurants in your area to see who might require some high-quality food photos.

  • Product Photography

Product photography can be done from anywhere, so scheduling a shoot during the evenings or on weekends allows for convenient flexibility. Consider purchasing products from an online retailer such as Amazon or local businesses.

4. Become A Mentor

If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re confident enough with your camera that you believe you can make money from it. Then, you can also consider becoming a photography mentor, talk to some high schools, universities, and colleges in your area that offer photography classes. Some of these students will most likely be looking for one-on-one opportunities to work with or intern with a professional photographer to help advance their careers.

5. Collaborate With Other Photographers

Remember that you are not alone. Everyone in the photography industry is affected by this pandemic. So if you want to reach out to anyone for assistance or guidance, now is a good time.

6. Make The Most Of Your Time

This is the ideal time to brush up on those skills you’ve always wanted to learn. Color grading in Lightroom, Photoshop editing, Photo album design, and After Effects? Something else you’ve been putting off for a long time, like Yoga?

You now have enough time to complete all of that, not only with Netflix. Don’t be a slacker. Create a daily routine that includes time spent on your business. We’ve never had so much time to tidy up loose ends and complete tasks that we’d been putting off for years. That time has come. Make a strategy. Use that strategy with restraint.

So Before You Leave…

Keep in mind that this will come to an end. Normalcy will be restored.

When it does, people will be even more eager to get out, have fun, and remember it. So be prepared and improved to take the next step in your professional life.

Meanwhile, keep your gaze fixed on the forest through the trees, and don’t forget to snap. We’re all in this together, and we’ll come out stronger than before.

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