Flat Photobook Album Printing and Binding Album Online India

Flat Photobook Album

Don’t you just hate it when a part of your favorite picture gets lost in the binding area of the photo album? The beauty of panoramic photographs can get compromised if regular photo albums are used for their protection. There are many pictures that need to be viewed in a seamless manner. This is why you need to consider Elite Flat Photobooks. These photobooks are quite innovative in nature and offer completely new experiences of viewing pictures.

The secret lies in the binding technology that is used for crafting flat photobooks at Photo Orange. We offer hinged pages that allow every page to lie completely flat when opened. All pictures can be enjoyed panoramically, without losing any part of the same. Now, you may like to choose all your favorite pictures, irrespective of their sizes and resolutions, and make them a part of flat photobooks. Apart from offering the much needed “wow factor”, you can let your viewers see all that you tried capturing in your pictures.

You can select the Photo Books in various sizes too. Some of which include:

  • 12” X 15”
  • 18” X 18”
  • 12” X 12”
  • 10” X 15”
  • 10” X 14”
  • 09” X 12”

A variety of sizes is not the only options you get. In fact, flat photobooks can be printed in a number of paper textures such as:

  • Regular High Gloss/Matt
  • Supreme Silk Gloss/Matt
  • Pearl Gloss/Matt
  • Feather Touch
  • Natural
  • Metallic Gloss/Matt

If you are looking for something fancier that lies on the edgier side, then you can opt for Leather Photo Books. These elegant coverpads not only enhance the look of your photobook but also provide an element of protection to all pictures within. Our flat photobooks can also be used as coffee table display items and make for a perfect gift for your loved ones.